Grammar & Vocabulary


Basic Grammar Structures for Beginners... and much more

Conditional Forms

Idioms and expressions: Like

How to Improve your Vocabulary  

Present-Auxiliary Verbs

Reported Speech

Subject-Verb Agreement

Use of Articles

Verb Structures and Patterns

Word Formation 


Printable Worksheets

A Map of Great Britain

Classroom English 1

Classroom English 2

Comparative and Superlative



Telling Time

To make/to do

  • Music Tune into English

Blowing in the Wind

Happy Christmas

Sunday Bloody Sunday 

We are the Champions

  • Welcome to Valle d'Aosta

Specimen of Guided Listening Grid


Unit steps: Welcome to Valle d'Aosta



Accents of English from Around the World

A Guide to English Phonetic Symbols

A Primer on IPA 

IPA Chart

Long Poem Pronunciation (text and phonetic version)

The Chaos of English Pronunciation (text and audio) 

Modern English Alphabet


Online Dictionaries

British National Corpus

Cambridge Dictionaries 


Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

Macmillan Dictionary


Oxford Dictionaries

The Free Dictionary

Urban Dictionary


Word Reference


Teaching Resources

A to Z teacher stuff

British Council Online Resources

per l'apprendimento e l'insegnamento della lingua inglese:

  • LearnEnglish, dedicato a studenti adulti. Ricco di risorse, esercizi, podcast gratuiti, video e tanto ancora.
  • LearnEnglish Kids, dedicato a bambini e genitori. Troverete canzoni, giochi, e tanti spunti per studiare l'inglese con i vostri figli anche a casa.
  • LearnEnglish Teens, dedicato ai teenager. Con tantissime risorse ad accesso gratuito, dedicate ai ragazzi che studiano l'inglese.
  • TeachingEnglish, dedicato ai docenti. Oltre a centinaia di lesson plans, esercizi, seminari e risorse ad accesso gratuito.


Cambridge English Online

Cambridge University Press ELT


  • FCE Practice for Speaking

  • CAE Practice for Certificate in Advanced English Speaking

Free Practice Tests for learners of English (all Cambridge exams)


Emilangue, Ressources Pédagogiques: 


English Vocabulary  Profile

One stop CLIL

Macmillan Methodology Resources

Materiale didattico Loescher Cambridge

Pearson Longman Primary Place

Speak Up

Teaching Children with Dyslexia

Tell me more

The British Library

The British Museum

Universal Teacher

US Embassy Educational 



BBC How to Write

An Introduction to Writing an Essay

Developing Effective Writing

Essay Structure Visual Guide

Paragraphs & Essays

Principles of Composition

Skills for Writing in Literature

Text Expansion


History Writing Frame

Recounting a visit

Explaning things

Recount / Retelling


Report Writing


Speaking frame - Cause and effect

Discussion - debating

Speaking Frame - exploratory and speculative speech

Presenting an argument

These frames can all be used in lessons on any area of content. Each of them has been kindly submitted to by Mr Huggins of MexboroughSchool.

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